Watch: Florida Man Accused of Holding Burger King Hostage with Pair of Pliers - Manager's Sneaky Trick Puts a Stop to It


A Florida man was arrested on a robbery charge Friday after allegedly attempting to hold up a Burger King with a pair of pliers.

A surveillance video obtained from the Tampa Police Department and posted by Fox News shows no customers in line and no waiting. But a man authorities identified as Hubert Credit Jr. took extreme action to get the staff’s attention.

The 50-year-old Credit came bursting through the door and demanded free food, according to the report.

The workers apparently refused, so Credit then stomped up to the counter, pulled a pair of pliers out of his pocket and threatened them, police said, according to the New York Post.

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Credit then proceeded to knock a computerized cash register off the counter and jumped over the counter in an apparent attempt to further threaten the manager and fast-food workers, police said.

The surveillance video shows Credit wandering toward the drive-thru window and kitchen, then back toward the registers.

The man then jumped back over the counter and wandered toward the dining room, but not too far from the counter.

The frightened but savvy manager quietly contacted one of the patrons in the drive-thru via her headset, the Post reported.

She told the driver that they were being threatened by an assailant, their lives were in danger and that the driver should immediately call 911 on a cell phone.

As the manager and food workers waited for police to arrive, they proceeded to cook Credit’s food.

The manager apparently found a way to maintain her composure as she bagged up the food. She put it on the counter for the menacing man, who retrieved it and began to eat.

When police arrived on the scene, they said they found Credit in the men’s restroom, eating the food in a stall.

The police arrested Credit, who they said didn’t resist.

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Credit was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, Fox reported.

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