Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Bill Maher Over Comments on COVID Measures


Co-host of “The View” Whoopi Goldberg blasted Bill Maher over his comments about COVID-19 measures, asking, “How dare you be so flippant, man?”

During an episode of the show Monday, the co-hosts played a clip of Maher’s comments during HBO’s “Real Time.”

“I don’t want to live in your paranoid world anymore. Your masked paranoid world, you know, you go out. It’s silly now, you know, you mask, you have to have a card. You have to have a booster. They scan your head,” Maher said.

He added, “Like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas. I’m not bananas. You are.”

Goldberg reacted, saying, “That’s not really funny to people who’ve lost their kids to this vaccine. Or people who lost family members or dear friends to this. It’s just, you know, listen. Nobody on the planet really wants to go through this. This is not something we’re doing because it’s, you know, sexually gratifying.”

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She continued, “This is what we’re doing to protect our families, and you don’t have to do it, but stay away from everybody because if you are the one who’s not paying attention, and you’re coughing and sneezing, you don’t want to — then stay out of the public, man.”

Goldberg suggested Maher is “forgetting that people are still at risk who cannot get vaccinated, people who can’t. Little kids under the age of 5. Or people with health conditions.”

She added, “How dare you be so flippant, man?”

Goldberg’s comments come just days after Maher told Deadline in an interview people should not blindly follow Dr. Anthony Fauci’s advice on the pandemic.

“Don’t sit there in your white coat and tell me ‘Just do what we say,'” Maher said.

He continued, “That’s not a criticism of them like they’re being corrupt, although there certainly is plenty of corruption in the medical establishment.”

Commenting on vaccines, Maher explained, “They just prevent you from dying, which is a great part of it, let’s not undercount that. But if they don’t prevent you from transmitting it and they don’t prevent you from getting it why are we still treating this disease the way we always have?”

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