Biden Urges Congress To Enact ‘Commonsense Gun Law Reforms’ on Parkland Shooting Anniversary

President Joe Biden is marking the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting by urging Congress to enact “commonsense gun law reforms.”

“For three years now, the Parkland families have spent birthdays and holidays without their loved ones,” Biden wrote in a statement on Sunday.

He added, “Today, as we mourn with the Parkland community, we mourn for all who have lost loved ones to gun violence.”

Biden explained how families of Parkland have taught the nation to turn grief “into purpose.”

He said Americans can “march, organize, and build a strong, inclusive, and durable movement for change.”

Read his statement below:

The president continued, “This Administration will not wait for the next mass shooting to heed that call. We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence and make our schools and communities safer.”

He proceeded to call on Congress to “enact commonsense gun law reforms.”

Biden proposed requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and other high-capacity magazines, and getting rid of immunity for gun manufacturers who “knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”

He concluded, “We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) released her own statement to acknowledge the “unspeakable terror and gun violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.”

She explained, “Last Congress, moved by the daily epidemic of gun violence and guided by the millions of young people marching for their lives, House Democrats took bold action to save lives and end the bloodshed by passing H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, and H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act.”

Pelosi went on, “Now, working with the Democratic Senate and Biden-Harris Administration, we will enact these and other life-saving bills and deliver the progress that the Parkland community and the American people deserve and demand.”

She promised lawmakers “will not rest until all Americans, in schools, in the workplace, in places of worship and throughout our communities are safe, once and for all.”

One of the survivors, David Hogg, who helped launched the March for Our Lives movement, made headlines again after he called on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to hold Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) accountable for her controversial comments surrounding school shootings, as IJR reported.

He later urged her to apologize to families of the Parkland shooting, the Las Vegas massacre, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


  1. So the Detroit factory worker was right and Biden was full of $h!t and lied. Which we all knew before he was elected.

  2. Since the taking of citizens rights is such a serious offense, let’s eliminate Mad King Biden’s right to speak or make decisions.

  3. Gun violence? It’s people violence! Orwell is laughing in his grave…and journalistic integrity is no where to be found.

  4. Here comes the gun grab. H.R. 5717 has been waiting in the wings since 2019, just waiting for Mad King Biden’s crooked takeover of the Presidency and the Senate through cheating, the Democrat mainstay. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats always spew, “No ones coming for your guns.”. More lies. It’s what they do at every turn, every time they get a little power, legislation after legislation to do just that. Their bans have done nothing to curb crime in the past. Their bans are there for the same reason the British attempted in 1775, TYRANNY. If Mad King Biden and the tyrannical Democrats get their way, we will have no rights left.

  5. More straw dog yammering about the unregulated private sales of firearms and gun show loopholes (hint-there are no gun show loopholes).
    Whenever a lefty says, “No one’s coming after your guns.”, trust me; they’re coming after your guns.

      1. Typical lies from the Democrats’ mouthpiece – Confused Squat. Everyone knows what the lying, cheating, corrupt Mad King Biden and his fascist followers want. They write it down for everyone to see: Gun bans, a license requirement to exercise your rights, massive increases in taxes to make gun use too expensive, red tape, confiscation without due process, etc. TYRANNY!! You liars do know what gun bans are, right? You really are stupid to think you’re fooling anyone. Well, if Democrat cesspool states don’t have to obey federal laws, then Conservative states will fail to enforce gun bans. Too bad, so sad.

    1. Cite proof of your statement Daryll. Otherwise it’s just an biased opinion and not worth anything

      1. Read the proposed legislation Vayjay. You must be one of the edumacated Democrats, wallowing in stupidity and ignorance.

    2. Actually Darryll, you will have to buy a license to buy or own a gun, purchase a gun, purchase ammunition. A 30% tax on all firearms, 50% on all ammunition. Gun manufacturers being held responsible for the actions of others. A ban on all semi-automatic guns and all magazines over 10 rounds. Basically, your Constitutional rights will have to be purchased. If that passes, in a year or two, they’ll pass more restrictions until your rights will be gone. British tyrannical rule will have returned after 230 years in the form of Mad King Biden and his minions. Read the legislation waiting in the Democrats hands. H.R. 5717 says it all. It was introduced in 2020, died a quick death, but is being held to be reintroduced. It was introduced by Henry “Hank” Johnson, the dolt that thought the island of Guam would tip over if more troops were assigned there. Another of the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats in Congress. All brainless turds that hate our freedoms.

      1. License? Big deal. If we all are required to get licensed and insured to drive an automobile or airplane, I am certain that our fragile civilization can withstand being licensed regarding something whose prime purpose is to kill something. Seems reasonable and fair to me, Chuck.

        1. The failure of your comment is that gun ownership is a right, guaranteed by the Constitution, like free speech, protection from illegal search and seizure, protection from testifying against one-self, the right to due process. All those rights are under attack from Mad King Biden and his followers. You say, “License? Big deal.”. Well, how would you like to have a requirement of a license to speak or make your silly comments. Driving or flying an airplane is not a Constitutional right. Another ridiculous assumption of yours is that the prime purpose of a gun is to kill something. The main purpose of my weapons is to shoot holes in paper. Hunting and self defense is a very minor consideration.

          I have committed no crimes and see no reason to have my rights eliminated because of the miniscule number of violations by others. Yes, they are miniscule when compared to the entire population and gun ownership, several places to the right of the decimal point. Would you like to have your freedoms restricted because of another person’s actions? I think not. However, the Democrats fear an armed population as countless tyrannical dictators, including the British, before them. That is the world’s and our history. It’s only been 230 years since Americans won our rights and put them down in the Constitution, 1791, and we are already facing their loss again. In case you need a history refresher, it was attempted gun confiscation on April 18-19, 1775 that started the revolution. It is always the first action by dictators to confiscate weapons, giving them absolute control. Repeatedly using words like “Commonsense” when talking about the taking of others’ rights is a way of brainwashing people into thinking it’s OK. It’s not OK. “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”.

  6. No matter what your administration does, it will not keep it from happening. Just going to make a lot of folks mad and cause your party to not be re-elected.

  7. Why didn’t Obysmal the Holy get the blame for Sandy Hook, Columbine, Pulse, Major Hassan, Joker Movie Theater shooting?
    Why don’t the libtards/ progressives understand:
    Shall not be abridged
    Criminals don’t obey laws
    With 170 million legal, Law-abiding gun owners and over 300 million guns, come and get them

    1. You moron Janis
      You’ll probably change your mind when someone feels threatened by you and fires and you go down……..I bet you’ll wish differently about your current moronic ideas

      1. Jason repeating the same tired comment of the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. The only moron is you, calling for the elimination of rights that you don’t like. Be careful of what you ask for. The next right on the chopping block may be yours. Then, you’ll squeal.

        1. Chuck I don’t believe I was REPEATING anything and I KNOW I wasn’t calling for the elimination of rights which I don’t like.
          I do however see that you told me to “be careful for what I ask” and that my head might be next on the chopping block and I’ll squeal.

          What the heck are you bothering with me for?

          I don’t want my families guns taken away, because they’ve always been used responsibly. I don’t want my father walking though the wooded areas of his property at night without his gun that gives him a sense of security to defend himself from animals who will possibly attack him.

          Only he doesn’t have assault rifles! He doesn’t believe in automatic weapons.

          He wants intelligent gun laws, shouldn’t that be a normal and basic wish today?

          And you’ve followed a commenter Janis who brought up all those school shootings??????

          Chuck you’re a mess and Janis is def the devil.

          Now I can say that if you have children I feel sorry for THEM and for the grotesque ways you’re teaching them. They WILL be stupid like you!
          And I can say if Janis has children THEY will rot in you know where because of HER sins.

          We were supposed to be the educated nation but it’s obvious it didn’t take in your family nor in Janis’s

          1. You are one stupid Democrat. Automatic weapons have been illegal without a license since the 1930s. The weapons that Mad King Biden and his followers call “assault” weapons include every single semi-automatic weapon in existence, including pistols, rifles and shotguns. Apparently, you are grossly ignorant. Obviously, you have been told that numerous times, but you still repeat, repeat, repeat the Democrat lies like a deranged parrot. You are another one of the self proclaimed ‘edumacated” Democrats which is a sick joke and another lie repeated by the media. You are too stupid to reject the propaganda spewed by the media. It’s dolts like you, ‘Tories’, that gave the British the support to trample American’s rights and now, ‘Democrats’, giving there Mad King Biden support to trample American’s rights again. You’re no American, you’re a traitor!!

  8. Why didn’t the Parkland community do anything to prevent that shooting? It’s as if they wanted it to happen. There were so many warning signs and they really abused that kid to the point that he lashed out. Then the liberal gun control mob were up and running their massive propaganda machine within 24 hours. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was at the school two days later coordinating the propaganda program, buying off the kids, convincing them to join the propaganda campaign.

      1. Jason, do you actually have anything of substance to offer instead of your childish sandbox insults?

        1. Well chuck, after reading glens insane take on the “wanting it to happen” at Parkland, by who, the democrats?, I was so dumbfounded by that level of stupidity there was nothing else TO say.
          So yes, I do have substantial things to say but not to morons.
          And that’s why I’ll end it here chuck.

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