Biden Responds To Trump’s Claim That He Would Implement a Socialist Agenda

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says President Donald Trump is “confused” about who he is running against. 

During the final presidential debate on Thursday night, Trump accused Biden of supporting a socialist agenda. 

However, Biden countered, “He’s a very confused guy. He thinks he’s running against somebody else.”

“He’s running against Joe Biden. I beat all those other people because I disagreed with them. Joe Biden, he’s running against,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Through the election cycle, Trump has sought to paint Biden as a “puppet of left-wing extremists” who would “erase our borders, eliminate our police, indoctrinate our children, vilify our heroes, take away our energy … destroy our Second Amendment, attack the right to life, and replace American freedom with left-wing fascism.”

Biden has repeatedly responded to Trump’s attacks. The former vice president previously said, “I beat the socialist. That’s how I got elected. That’s how I got the nomination.”

“Do I look like a socialist? Look at my career, my whole career. I am not a socialist,” he added.

In a separate speech, he said, “You know me, you know my heart. You know my story, my family’s story. Ask yourself, do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?”


  1. “I am not a socialist.” Joke Biden

    Yeah, sadly, I know. It would have been amazing if we were smarter and had Bernie Sanders debating tonight, instead of you.

    We MUST elect better politicians.

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