CNN's Chris Cuomo Barred From Covering Brother's Scandal After Report on Sexual Harassment


CNN’s Chris Cuomo “has a lot to say” about his brother’s scandal “but right now he cannot say it,” according to CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“CNN’s management has made two things clear to him: One, he can’t talk about his brother, Andrew Cuomo, on TV. And two, that he cannot participate in anymore strategy sessions with the governor’s aides,” Stelter said on “Reliable Sources” Sunday.

He added, “So if you’re wondering why Chris has remained silent about the scandal, well that is why.”

“He is not covering the governor on TV, period. He is not talking about it at all,” Stelter said, before calling for Chris Cuomo to speak out about the scandal “when the time is right” and share his view.

Additionally, Stelter said that Chris Cuomo is taking the week off of work just as he always has for his birthday. He confirmed Chris Cuomo booked the time off “months ago, it is an actual vacation.”

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Check out the video below:

A report was released by New York Attorney General Letitia James on August 3 that “reached the conclusion that the Governor sexually harassed a number of State employees through unwelcome and unwanted touching, as well as by making numerous offensive and sexually suggestive comments.”

Read the report’s conclusion below:

“Upon completion of our independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment brought against Governor Andrew Cuomo and the surrounding circumstances, we have reached the conclusion that the Governor sexually harassed a number of State employees through unwelcome and unwanted touching, as well as by making numerous offensive and sexually suggestive comments. We find that such conduct was part of a pattern of behavior that extended to his interactions with others outside of State government.

We also find the Executive Chamber’s response to allegations of sexual harassment violated its internal policies and that the Executive Chamber’s response to one complainant’s allegations constituted unlawful retaliation. In addition, we conclude that the culture of fear and intimidation, the normalization of inappropriate comments and interactions, and the poor enforcement of the policies and safeguards, contributed to the sexual harassment, retaliation, and an overall hostile work environment in the Executive Chamber.”

James said in a statement, “This is a sad day for New York because independent investigators have concluded that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and, in doing so, broke the law.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has denied wrongdoing.

Later that night on his show, Chris Cuomo did not mention his brother. However, CNN’s Don Lemon immediately addressed the scandal when he took over.

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In the report released by the New York Attorney General, Chris Cuomo’s name was mentioned as one of the adviser’s who were “regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information” that impacted the government despite having no “formal role, duty, or obligation to the State.”

As The Associated Press writes, “The report’s appendix included a copy of an email sent Feb. 27, 2021 by Chris Cuomo to his brother’s advisers on a suggested public statement that the governor never intended to offend anyone or cause harm with his behavior. It was not clear whether Chris Cuomo had composed the statement himself or was reacting to suggestions by others.”

In May, Chris Cuomo apologized for advising his brother on how to handle the sexual harassment scandal.

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