Dem Congressional Candidate Criticizes Pelosi: 'Authoritarian'


A Democrat congressional candidate was not afraid to criticize House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Matt Castelli is running against House Republican Conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik.

During an interview on the Jeff Graham Show Tuesday, Castelli said he does not “throw the use of the term ‘traitor’ around lightly.”

He added, “And it doesn’t give me any pleasure to give Congresswoman Stefanik that label. Her actions earned her that label.”

Castelli agreed “sometimes we need to tone down the sort of dynamic of professional wrestling that our politics has turned into, you know, one side versus the other.”

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He continued, “And I’m willing to call out members of my own party when I think that they’re wrong. Listen, I think Pelosi is an authoritarian, and I’m not going to support her for another term as speaker.”

Castelli claimed Pelosi “breaks her promises, she tries to rule by division.”

“And we need somebody who’s going to bring folks together,” he added.

Listen to Castelli’s comments below:

Is Pelosi "authoritarian"?

The Democrat told Fox News in a statement he has “consistently stated that I will not be supporting Speaker Pelosi for another term as speaker.”

According to Castelli, “It’s time for new leadership in the Democratic Party and in Congress, especially for NY-21 – which is why voters are planning to fire Elise Stefanik this November.”

While Castelli may have criticized Stefanik, they both agree Pelosi is “authoritarian.”

In July 2021, Stefanik tweeted, “Nancy Pelosi is a radical authoritarian Speaker.”

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It was reported earlier this month Pelosi was planning her next move if Republicans take the majority in the House in the upcoming midterm elections, as IJR reported.

Sources told Fox News Pelosi would like President Joe Biden to “nominate her to become the next U.S. ambassador to Italy” if Republicans take the House.

The president is reportedly holding the spot open for Pelosi.

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