Sen. Duckworth: It Is ‘Breathtaking’ to Be Among Those Considered for Biden’s Running Mate

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is committed to helping presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden win the election.

Co-host of “The View” Joy Behar asked Duckworth if she is interested in being the vice president and if she is being vetted at all for the position.

She explained her focus is getting him elected first and foremost.

“My focus is on getting Joe Biden elected,” Duckworth said.

She added, “As you, I am frustrated with Donald Trump and his failure of a regime of an administration in the White House. So I would do whatever I needed to do to help Joe Biden get elected so that we can finally turn the corner in this country and get back on a path where we need to be.”

Check out her comments below:

A few of Duckworth’s Democratic colleagues have also expressed they would be willing to be Biden’s running mate.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams have all said they would be happy to be chosen as Biden’s running mate.

Biden previously said he would pick former First Lady Michelle Obama as his running mate if she would be open to the idea, as IJR previously reported.

Duckworth is ultimately leaving the decision up to Biden.

“I’m sure that they have their own process as to how they’re going to select the vice president and I will leave them to it,” Duckworth said.

She continued, “Just having my name mentioned in the same breath as the chairwoman of the Tammy caucus in the Senate Tammy Baldwin, and the likes of Amy Klobuchar is really breathtaking for me. I’ll leave the Biden camp to their process, and in the meantime, I’m going to work as hard as I can to get Joe Biden elected.”


  1. Anyone that is so star struck should not be running for 2nd highest office in the land.

  2. If Duckworth is frustrated with her perceived failure of the Trump Administration, just wait until an inept democrat (any democrat) gets elected!

  3. Notice anything strange. No face masks. Hand shaking. Same rules I have to live by don’t seem to apply to them.

  4. Unfortunately, with the last name this woman has, I find it hard to believe she was elected to any office. There isn’t a women on earth who could help get Biden elected. He is not presidential material. Other countries are laughing at the thought and he’s helping to confirm their low opinion of us. God help us.

  5. So Duckworth, are you a pervert too? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it must be a perverted Duckworth.

  6. There are so many incredibly qualified, outstanding women VP candidates for him to choose from. All would be a great pick for him.

      1. Were you born stupid with your head lodged in your rectum or is it a labor of love Harry.

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