Jimmy Carter Slams Georgia for Trying To 'Turn Back the Clock' With Restrictive Voting Bills


Former President Jimmy Carter is railing against Georgia lawmakers for seeking to “turn back the clock” by restricting access to voting through legislation.

“I am disheartened, saddened, and angry. Many of the proposed changes are reactions to allegations of fraud for which no evidence was produced—allegations that were, in fact, refuted through various audits, recounts, and other measures,” Carter said in a statement.

He added, “The proposed changes appear to be rooted in partisan interests, not in the interests of all Georgia voters.”

Carter explained he is “disappointed” advocates for the changes have “selectively referenced” a 2005 report he co-authored on election reform.

“While our report noted a few good and bad examples of vote-by-mail practices, its main recommendation was that further study of voting by mail was needed,” he said.

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Carter noted since the release of his report, voting by mail has progressed due to new technologies.

“In light of these advances, I believe that voting by mail can be conducted in a manner that ensures election integrity. This is just one of several ways to expand access to the voting process for voters across the state, regardless of political affiliation,” the former president said.

Carter concluded, “We must not promote confidence among one segment of the electorate by restricting the participation of others. Our goal always should be to increase, not decrease, voter participation.”

The Republican-controlled state Senate passed a bill on Monday limiting mail-in voting primarily to residents of Georgia who are elderly, disabled or not in the area on Election Day.

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