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Jimmy Kimmel Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Human Boil’ Following Twitter Exchange

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A Twitter feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) led to the late-night host calling him a “human boil.”

Kimmel tweeted a video clip from his show on Tuesday night with the caption, “Human Boil Ted Cruz started trouble with Jimmy again.”

During his show, Kimmel explained, “We were attacked last night. We were hit with another devastating Ted Cruz Twitter strike. Once again I found myself in a squabble with the Senate’s least favorite senator, Ted Cruz. And once again, guess who started it?”

He joked, “Me, I guess I started it.”

Kimmel pointed out Cruz’s recent criticism of an ad for the U.S. military, calling it “woke” and “emasculated.”

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“Which I pointed out fairly, I thought, is funny coming from a guy who let Donald Trump use his testicles on the driving range. I mean, look, he was Trump’s Theon Greyjoy,” Kimmel continued.

Watch the video below:

Turning his attention to the Twitter exchange, Kimmel mentioned Cruz’s tweet reminding him of his defeat during their 2018 charity basketball game.

“[Jimmy Kimmel Live] keeps talking crap. Really tough guy. Here’s a reminder, when we played one-on-one, I kicked his ass. He has to live with that…forever. Rematch, punk?” Cruz wrote.

Kimmel fired back, “He’s right. It’s true. I do have to live with that forever. You have to live with being Ted Cruz forever, which is so much worse.”

He also replied on Twitter, “Oh Ted… you get so sad after you masturbate.”

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Calling the game “uglier” than Cruz, Kimmel added, “After you won the game, do you remember what I did? I said, ‘Good game, thanks’ and I shook your disgusting hand. I didn’t complain that it was rigged.”

He continued, “I didn’t ask for a recount on the referee. I didn’t start a conspiracy theory about the basketball having a microchip in it. I accepted it. I brought shame on my family and I embraced it, as I always do. And, I mean, listen, it was a terrible day. I lost a basketball game to a man who ate one of his own boogers during a presidential debate.”

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