Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Prince Harry With Parody Picture Book


Comedian Jimmy Kimmel took a jab at Prince Harry during his show based off of a portion of his book.

Kimmel mocked Harry for a part in his memoir, “Spare,” that detailed the time during which he suffered frostbite on his private parts.

During his show Monday, Kimmel said, “The story of Prince Harrold and his frozen yogurt slinger is so popular, they’re now releasing a version for kids. It’s a twist on ‘The Princess and the Pea,’ it’s called ‘The Prince and the Penis.’”

Beginning to read the parody book out loud, Kimmel said, “At the chilly North Pole, a silly young codger took a walk in the snow, and froze his wee todger.”

He continued, “Oh Mummy! Oh Mummy!’ he cried with a scream, and from then up on high she appeared with some cream. My poor little prince, put this on your willy. It will lessen the ache and make it less chilly.”

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The story goes on, “Mummy knelt down and gave him a squirt, into his trousers where his winkle still hurt.”

Concluding the story, Kimmel said, “Back to her cloud his mother went soaring, and said this aloud, ‘should you ever have icy chills on your hard-on, give it a rub with Elizabeth Arden.’”

Watch the video below:

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Twitter users reacted to the segment, with one tweeting, “This is priceless.”

Another wrote, “Harry, the whole world is laughing at you!! Classic … enjoy! (And if you’re a Meghan lover, you really won’t like this!)”

Meghan McCain said she “can’t express how gross and uncomfortable I found this oedipus from hell story Prince Harry revealed about his penis and his mom’s face cream.”

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She added, “People pass by just how vulgar and graphic it is – no woman could tell these types of stories about her genitals and be taken seriously.”

Harry wrote in his memoir following a trip to the North Pole in 2011, his “penis was oscillating between extremely sensitive and borderline traumatized.”

He added, “I’d been trying some home remedies, including one recommended by a friend. She’d urged me to apply Elizabeth Arden cream.”

Harry recalled his mother “used that on her lips,” adding, “You want me to put that on my todger?”

He continued, “I found a tube, and the minute I opened it the smell transported me through time. I felt as if my mother was right there in the room. And I took a smidge, and applied it down there.”

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