NFL Quarterback Deletes Tweet After Using Profanity to Slam Critic


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson deleted a tweet after slamming a critic using profanity.

After the Ravens lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday 28-27, a critic took to Twitter to comment on Jackson’s performance.

“When someone is asking for over [$250 million] guaranteed like [Jackson] … games like this should not come down to [kicker Justin Tucker],” the critic tweeted.

The tweet goes on, “Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well rounded team.”

Jackson then fired back in another tweet, “Boy STFU y’all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did s**t but eat d**k.”

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ESPN reported that the tweet was taken down after three and a half hours.

Still, some Twitter users appeared to defend Jackson.

“Getting fed up with these idiot fans that just sit on the couch An talk lol,” one user tweeted.

Do you think Jackson's tweet was justified?

Another user wrote, “Wow [Lamar Jackson] really just like me fr. Because I would have said THE EXACT SAME THING TO THAT LOSER.”

One tweet declared, “He right though.”

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ESPN also noted Jackson was “visibly frustrated” after the game.

“I don’t like losing,” Jackson said. “Nobody likes losing.”

When asked about difficulties in the red zone, Jackson explained, “I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know what to tell you.”

He continued, “You see it, I’m seeing it, but I’m out there trying to make it happen.”

In September, the outlet reported Jackson rejected a contract offer believed to be worth roughly $250 million, citing league sources.

According to ESPN, at the time, Jackson was “coming off his most challenging season in 2021, when he threw a career-worst 13 interceptions and missed a career-high five games, including the last four because of an ankle injury.”

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