Watch: President of National Women's Law Center Declines to Define What a Woman Is


The question of what the definition of a woman is has been a hot topic in recent months.

During a House hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) decided to ask Fatima Goss Grave, the president of the National Women’s Law Center, if she could provide the definition.

“Since you’re the president of the National Women’s Law Center, I was hoping that you could define what a woman is for us,” Clyde said.

However, Goss Graves did not elect to share a definition.

Instead, she said, “As the president of the National Women’s Law Center, you can imagine I say woman a lot in my day job.”

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“OK, so I’m just asking for the definition,” Clyde interjected.

However, Goss Graves said, “What I’ll tell you is, I am a woman. That’s how I identify. But I wonder, however, if in part the reason that you’re asking the question is that you’re trying to suggest that…”

“I’m simply asking the question and I simply want an answer,” the Congressman said.

Watch the video below:

Do you think there is an easy answer to this question?

Goss Graves pressed on, “I think it’s actually really important to be very clear here that there are people who identify as nonbinary. I think about 5% of young people… who can be pregnant.”

However, Clyde interjected again as he said, “OK, alright, we’re not gonna go there. I was hoping that maybe you would say something that maybe we learned in high school biology that has to do with X and Y chromosomes which define male and female but I guess we’re not going to get there.”

During the confirmation hearings for Supreme Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson in March, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) asked, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

“Can I provide a definition?” Jackson asked.

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When Blackburn confirmed that was her question, Jackson said, “I can’t.”

“You can’t?” the senator asked.

Jackson explained, “Not in this context I’m not a biologist.”

Watch the moment below:

She added, “Senator, in my work as a judge, what I do is I address disputes. If there’s a dispute about a definition, people make arguments, and I look at the law and I decide.”

“The fact that you can’t give me a straight answer about something as fundamental as what a woman is underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education that we are hearing about,” Blackburn shot back.

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