Watch: Joyless Joy Reid Loses Her Mind Over DeSantis Win: 'Far, Far, Far-Right State'


Why does Joy Reid still have a job?

Wait, that’s not what I meant. Why does Joy Reid still have an on-air job? She’s almost as much of a gaffe machine as President Joe Biden. (“Almost” is a key word in that sentence.)

She put that on display once again Tuesday night as she mourned the victories of Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio, both of whom easily won re-election last night.

I understand how that must have made her feel. Believe me, there were plenty of elections last night that didn’t go the way I had hoped (and expected) they would. Heck, I had publicly predicted that Republicans would take a 250-seat majority in the House, and this morning that’s looking like a pipe dream.

But you don’t see me blaming that fact on some ridiculous theory that that’s because the United States is a far, far, far-left nation.

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That’s the tack Reid took, however.

“If there ever is a time where Florida will matriculate [sic] back to being sort of a normal political state, and not just a far, far, far-right state, which I think it is now, that generation will take them there,” Reid said during MSNBC’s coverage of last night’s Florida election, which did not go the way she wanted.

As a side note, I wonder what Reid thinks “matriculate” means? It’s a word that describes school enrollment — I suspect she meant “graduate” in a figurative sense, since surely she would consider a “normal political state” superior to a “far, far, far-right state,” right?

Do you think Joy Reid is the most joyless person in the news?

For that matter, I don’t know what she thinks a “normal political state” is. One that votes the way the leftist talking heads on MSNBC tell them to, I suppose. California re-elected Gov. Gavin Newsome by 16 points, but I didn’t hear her complaining about how far, far, far-left they were.

Anyway, much as I hate to give MSNBC the clicks, you can see some of her comments here:

Reid later went on to claim that she’s seen this coming all along, according to Fox News.

“Florida is a red state,” Reid replied to her colleague. “I think I have said this before. The challenge is, Miami-Dade has been trending Republican for a really long time. It’s been slowly slipping toward the Republican Party. And it is a 70-plus percent Hispanic county. Of the people who are Hispanic in that county, the vast majority are Cuban Americans. That’s a very conservative population. That county remained Democratic in the ’08 and 2012 elections because of one thing, Barack Obama. Barack Obama actually managed to eat into the margins.”

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Co-host Rachel Maddow then tried to bring a more reasonable perspective — and there’s a phrase I never thought I’d write — to the county’s voting history, by pointing out that former first lady Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade County handily in 2016, and Obama obviously wasn’t on the ballot then.

Reid, a good leftist to the bitter end, did exactly what good leftists do when presented with facts that don’t fit their predetermined narrative — she ignored Maddow completely.

“It’s been moving in that direction,” she insisted. “And with Obama not on the ballot, you know, I have been talking with people who have been looking at African-American turnout. The precincts are barren. Turnout among African-Americans is dismal in Florida.”

Maybe MSNBC should replace Reid with me. I don’t appear to be any better of a political prognosticator than she is, but at least I don’t make up foolishness to blame for my own misplaced expectations, and I at least try to listen to reason and learn from my mistakes.

On the other hand, that would mean I’d have to work with Rachel Maddow … so, maybe not.

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