Rep. Ayanna Pressley: $600 Stimulus Checks Are 'an Insult'


Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) is urging lawmakers to provide Americans with more assistance than they are currently offering.

During her appearance on the House floor Thursday, Pressley railed against the stimulus checks expected to be sent to Americans as part of the next stimulus deal.

“Four hundred and fifty pennies a day for the last nine months. That’s what our government has sent the American people to weather this crisis and nothing for the immigrant families who drive our essential workforce. It didn’t have to be this way,” she said.

Pressley added, “Our families deserve direct cash, real survival checks. Six hundred dollars is hardly sufficient. It is an insult. We must act to save lives now.”

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Lawmakers signaled they are approaching an agreement on a nearly $900 billion relief package, which includes a new round of stimulus checks of up to $600 per individual.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced a bill of his own to provide $1,200 direct payments to working families.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) blocked the bill Friday, as IJR previously reported.

“I do want to talk a little bit about past stimuluses. I personally don’t believe they do much to stimulate the economy. I think the best way to stimulate the economy is, again, what this administration has done,” Johnson said.

He continued, “Lower regulation to a reasonable level, nobody argues for no regulations, we need a reasonable level and have a competitive tax system.”

Hawley expressed his frustration with the lack of support for the bill.

“No relief could be more important than relief for working people. The Senator’s right, this body has spent trillions of dollars this year alone on COVID relief. We’re getting ready to spend, apparently, another trillion dollars more,” Hawley said.

He went on, “And yet, working people are told they may be last if they get relief at all. I don’t think American people understand that. I know people in Missouri don’t understand it and I just urge members of these bodies, go home and try explaining that to the people of your state.”

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