'None of This Is Serious': RNC Chairwoman Expresses Frustration With Texas Democrats


Republican National Committee Chairwoman (RNC) Ronna McDaniel says the Texas Democrats who fled the state to stop a voting bill have “managed to out-do themselves with their latest temper tantrum.”

In an op-ed published by Fox News, McDaniel explained why she believes their decision to flee is not helping.

“In May, Texas Democrats earned scorn for storming out of a Texas House debate on election integrity legislation. Democrats’ theatrics were on full display as they refused to engage with Republicans on common-sense measures aimed at improving voter security in the Lone Star State,” McDaniel wrote.

She added, “Somehow, they’ve managed to out-do themselves with their latest temper tantrum: Texas Democrats recently pulled the same move, leaving the debate and breaking quorum instead of evaluating the merits of the proposed election integrity legislation.”

Calling the trip a “disaster,” McDaniel pointed out five of the Democrats tested positive for COVID-19 and the overall cost of the trip will total around $1.5 million.

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“None of this is serious and none of this helps Texans,” McDaniel explained.

She continued, “These Democrats fit right in with the swamp, and their petulant, self-aggrandizing behavior since their arrival has been unbelievable.”

McDaniel noted the Texas lawmakers “will likely be arrested for leaving their taxpayer-funded jobs in the middle of performing their duties, which is, unsurprisingly, a crime.”

The RNC chairwoman provided three examples of how she believes the lawmakers have lied “about the proposed election integrity reforms in Texas and nationwide, which contain provisions that the American people widely support.”

Do you agree with McDaniel?

Accusing Democrats of refusing to engage with Republicans’ proposals, McDaniel added, “They pull juvenile stunts like this one, confident that their close allies in the mainstream media will support their antics.”

Concluding her op-ed, McDaniel argued, “Americans deserve real solutions aimed at securing their ballots and re-establishing widespread confidence in our electoral system. And that is exactly what Republicans are offering.”

She went on, “Republicans will continue our comprehensive, nationwide efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Democrats will likely continue their pattern of dishonestly crying out for attention. The American people support real Republican solutions over Democrat drama and lies.”

The lawmakers fled the state on July 12 to stop Republicans from enacting new voting restrictions. According to the Texas Constitution, the Legislature requires a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers to be present to conduct state business.

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