Schumer Says Democrats Agree ‘We Must Go Big and Bold’ on COVID-19 Relief

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) indicated Democrats are on the same page regarding the size of the next COVID-19 relief package.

“There’s agreement, universal agreement we must go big and bold … We hope our Republican colleagues will join us … We want to do it bipartisan, but we must be strong. We cannot dawdle, we cannot delay, we cannot dilute,” Schumer said after meeting with President Joe Biden.

Biden told a group of Senate Republicans during a meeting on Tuesday he would not be willing to accept “a package that fails to meet the moment,” as IJR reported.

The Republicans Biden met with are proposing a relief bill approximately one third the size of Biden’s.

During a conference call with House Democrats on Wednesday, Biden stressed he would stick to his plan to include $1,400 checks for Americans in the next relief plan, as IJR reported.

“We did have a conversation about the direct payments and how those might be modified in a way to ensure they’re targeted,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said.

He continued, “But President Biden was clear with us and with our caucus yesterday, he’s not going to forget the middle class, he’s not going to walk back from a real commitment.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) told reporters Biden made it clear it is important to “ensure that we keep the promise” on sending Americans $1,400 checks.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called the move by Democrats to use budget reconciliation to pass the next package a “partisan jam.”

“The new president talks a lot about unity, but his White House staff and congressional leadership are working with a different playbook,” McConnell explained. 

The Senate voted on Tuesday to open a debate on a spending measure giving them the ability to use reconciliation to advance Biden’s bill.


  1. Need to think guys. Trump signed 4 Trillion relief and now you want 2 more. Not wise at all.

    1. Not WISE? WTF is wrong with you, Ron?

      If a government is not willing to help support millions of DESPERATE citizens struggling to deal with repercussions resulting from incompetent management of a pandemic, whatvuse is that government? That is the whole purpose of government! To help and support its people.

      You just told us ALL to go jump in a lake, Ron. Well, f__k you, buddy!

    2. Just because you’re doing okay doesn’t mean millions of others are. At this time, 14 MILLION CHILDREN are going hungry. But I’m sure your kids are fine right Ronald???

  2. Schumer is trying to set up blame on REpublicans for his and Piglosi’s failure. They claimed to be able to pass what they wanted with no votes from Republicans, but now are finding out they have no chance. Where are the $2000 checks that Mad King Biden said would “roll out the door immediately” if his minions were elected in Georgia. More lies. The Mad King only wants to bail out the Liberal cesspool cities that have squandered their money to buy votes from the illegals and welfare leeches. Instead, he tramples the rights of American citizens, destroys jobs, and makes a rebound in the economy impossible. Sad Mad King Biden.

  3. So who gets all the covid money that hasn’t been spent?
    How many more pork projects are you and your dem/leftist pals trying to get pushed through on the covid bills AGAIN?

    1. Remember, Peggy. The left over funds that you are referencing were left over because of the previous administration’s incompetence and corruption. 😉

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