Teen Girl Reports Naked Man in Women's Showers - Father Gets Call Days Later That Makes It Much Worse


This is disturbing and saddening.

A Southern California teenage girl has come forward with her account of finding a naked man in the women’s locker room.

Rebecca Philips, 17, said she encountered the man after she got out of a shower at the Santee, California, YMCA, in San Diego County.

The girl described the disturbing experience in a public comment session at a Santee City Council meeting last week, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

“I immediately went back into the shower, terrified, and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain until he was gone,” Philips told the council members.

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Philips brought up the risks the gym’s policies posed to younger girls — such as her own 5-year-old sister.

She held back tears as she described the impact of gender ideology on spaces that are intended for women.

“This is the YMCA where my little sister took gymnastics lessons. The locker room was supposed to be her safe haven to gossip with her friends, and shower and change.”

The YMCA didn’t respond to the incident by ensuring that no girl would be subject to the same experience at their facility ever again, Philips said. Instead, she said, it blamed the victim of the exposure, insisting that the male that every right to access the women’s locker room.

Are policies like this a real threat to women?

“When I asked the YMCA management what their policy was regarding transgenders, they confirmed that the man that I saw was indeed allowed to shower wherever he pleased.”

Only individuals listed as sex offenders were barred from the locker room. According to Philips, the organization continued to defend its trans policies in a phone call days later, rejecting Philips’ concerns over the safety hazard.

“I was made to feel as though I had done something wrong when I talked to people at the YMCA. Somehow, the indecent exposure of a male to a female minor was an inconvenience to them.”

It didn’t stop there, Philips said. Her father complained to the sheriff’s office and was told he should simply not allow his daughter to shower there “ever again,” Philips said.

Several days later, she said, her father received a phone call from the Y’s director of membership for San Diego County.

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“He informed my dad that I was not in any danger at the time of the incident,” Philips said. “That I was safe.”

If that was meant to be comforting, it just made it that much worse.

“Assuming all of you either have a wife, a sister, daughters or granddaughters or are a woman yourself, could you knowingly send an underage girl into a room where there was a naked male and say that she was not in danger? That she was safe? Or, more importantly, that this was right?”

Then she lowered the boom.

“The fact that we are now tailoring our privacy policies and bathroom laws around transgenders, ignoring the blatant threat to safety that this poses, is obscene.

“The safety of children, girls, is on the chopping block.”

In a statement after Philips’ statement, according to the Daily Mail, the Y said it was reviewing its policies.

‘We are aware of a situation involving two members in the locker room of the Santee YMCA earlier this month. The comfort and safety of all our members is our highest priority,” the statement said, the Daily Mail reported.

“As a community focused organization, we strive to meet the needs of all individuals. We recognize that birth and gender identity are sensitive subjects. We rely on subject matter experts, laws, and guidelines established by the State of California to ensure our policies are welcoming and respectful for all community members.

“As part of this commitment to ensure all individuals feel comfortable, we are reviewing lock room floorplans across all facilities within our association.

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to additional privacy if desired and needed.”

The current policy amounts to a tacit threat against real women.

These developments could bring about the transformation of common spaces in the U.S. to more closely reflect Saudi Arabia-style gender segregation, where women are barred from sports, gymnasiums, and anywhere they could have formerly expected privacy.

It’ll be accomplished through intimidation, with faux “women” browbeating real women away through their shameful invasion of the women’s locker room.

A society that can’t defend the most basic privacy of its daughters is one destined for destruction.

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