Tucker Carlson on Jill Biden's Vogue Profile: 'Cult of Personality Hero Worship'


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is comparing a profile of First Lady Jill Biden published by Vogue to North Korean propaganda, calling it “cult of personality hero worship.”

Carlson opened his show on Thursday night by mentioning an article published by the North Korean state media website about Kim Jong Un.

“It wasn’t vogue. They didn’t go that far. When it comes to authentic state media cult of personality hero worship, the propagandists at North Korea’s Communist Party news agency look on in awe at the reporters of Vogue magazine in New York. The Vogue guys do Stalinism the old-fashioned way, they are all in,” Carlson explained.

He went on to criticize the magazine for how it described the first lady.

“Dr. Jill, we learned from Vogue, is ‘driven, tireless, effortlessly popular, but also someone who reminds us of ourselves.’ That’s right, she’s us, but better. As Vogue puts it, ‘She’s every inch a goddess,'” Carlson added.

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Watch his comments below:

The Fox News host took a moment to address the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Dr. Jill cradles the arms of nervous women as they get the jab, ‘Look at me,’ she coos reassuringly. ‘It doesn’t hurt. That’s right. It’s only Kool-Aid. Drink the whole cup,'” Carlson continued.

He asked, “Who is this amazing woman? This servant, saint, humanitarian genius medical missionary who still somehow has managed to stay beguilingly sexy at 69? What did America do to deserve her?”

Carlson added, “Well thankfully, Vogue answers that question. Dr. Jill, the magazine declares, is a ‘joy multiplier.’ She multiplies joy. That’s what she does. It’s who she is. And by the way, Dr. Jill also shot in 18 on the golf course last week, played the whole round in 22 minutes in between vaccinations and international treaty signings. It was a typical day for Dr. Jill.”

He argued North Koreans must have “read the latest issue of Vogue with their jaws open.”

Concluding his comments, Carlson said, “A joy multiplier? Joy brigades, sure. But joy multiplier? That might be too far, even for the Kim family. North Korea may be a hermit kingdom, but even they’re not that stupid.”

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