CDC Director Does Not Believe COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be in Every Pharmacy by Late February

The new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, is predicting it could take a little longer before the COVID-19 vaccine makes it to every pharmacy.

“Today’s” Savannah Guthrie asked Walensky for a timeline on when she believes the vaccine will be available to every American.

“I’m going to tell you the truth here. I don’t think by late February we’re going to have the vaccine in every pharmacy in this country,” Walensky said.

She added, “We said 100 million doses in the first 100 days, and we’re going to stick to that plan, but I also want to be very cognizant of the fact that after 100 days, there are still a lot of Americans who need vaccine.”

Watch her remarks below:

Guthrie pressed Walensky on how the Biden administration plans to achieve the goal of 100 million doses in 100 days.

“We recognize this is the most immediate emergency, to get this country back to health. There are numerous plans as we think forward as to how we’re going to get people vaccinated,” Walensky said.

She continued, “We need to make sure that we titrate the amount of vaccine that we have for the amount of people who are eligible so we don’t have vaccine on the shelves and yet we don’t see the footage of these long lines. So we really need to match that and expand our eligibility to make sure that it fits with the vaccine supply.”

Walensky explained they also need to make sure there are enough vaccinators.

Watch more of her comments below:

During his inauguration speech, President Joe Biden acknowledged the severity of the pandemic, as IJR reported.

“We’re entering what may be the toughest and deadliest period of the virus and must set aside politics and finally face this pandemic as one nation,” he said.

Biden is expected to partner with state and local governments to form additional vaccination spots.

He plans to deploy thousands of clinical personnel to increase the number of vaccinations.


  1. just send me my doseage… I can work a needle myself… they say they might put them in the Starbucks stores… need coffee and a shot please… hold the sugar…

  2. So don’t hold your breath that local pharmacies will even be in the picture for distribution of the vaccines.

  3. Every pharmacy? Enlighten us how “every pharmacy” will store the vaccine at low temperatures. The way it is distributed in my state is that it is rationed to one week’s needs to hospitals and clinics because of the storage issues.

  4. President Trump directly contradicted the CDC chief this month after Redfield testified to Congress that a coronavirus vaccine would not be widely distributed until the middle of next year, similar to what other top officials have said. Trump said Redfield was “confused.”….

    and Trump was correct. Here we are in Early January with supplies rolling out and increasing every week.

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer Moderna will increase its vaccine production from 500 million doses to 600 million for 2021 and allocate resources to hopefully produce one billion vaccine doses in total this year, the company announced on Monday.

    Previously, the company committed to 500 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for federal distribution.

    By the end of the first quarter of 2021, the company says it anticipates roughly 100 million doses to be available for Americans, with 200 million doses total available by the second quarter…..

  5. There wouldn’t even be a vaccine except for Trump. The distribution plans were developed under his term.

    In the first month…at the very start of the program..

    Vaccinations in the U.S. began Dec. 14 with health-care workers, and so far 17.2 million shots have been given, according to a state-by-state tally by Bloomberg and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the last week, an average of 912,497 doses per day were administered.

    Yet now they are hedging their claims???? 92 MILLION in one hundred days under the current numbers and in 100 days the chances are two more vaccines will be available. So Trump already made it possible.

  6. Really? I thought Bribem was going to make this all go away. He constantly criticized everything PRESIDENT Trump had done and accomplished and now the vaccine won’t be in every pharmacy? Oh my. Thank God, we had PRESIDENT Trump in office when the Chinese sicced this on us. If the DEMONRATS had been in charge, the vaccine would take years before approval and even more years before ready.
    Just think, the DEMONRATS could have locked us down for ten years – no church, no hair dressers, no restaurants, no family gatherings, no small stores open, no beaches, but we could have gambled and gone to big box stores all while wearing masks for ten years.

    1. Remember that Harris said she would NEVER take a Trump vaccine…

      Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said Wednesday that she would not take a vaccine recommended by President Trump during a heated debate clash over the White House’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

      Harris accused Vice President Mike Pence, head of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, of failing to disclose critical information to Americans in the early days of the pandemic. When asked about a poll showing half of Americans would not take a vaccine as soon as it is available, Harris indicated that she was skeptical of Trump’s involvement in the rollout of a potential vaccine.

      Yet who was the FIRST in line for the shot?

      1. Actually, Robert, that is not true. What she said and how you purposefully characterized it are two different things.

        “I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump” on the reliability of a vaccine, Harris said. The California senator, however, added that she would trust a “credible” source who could vouch that a vaccine was safe for Americans to receive.” Politico

        See? Not the same thing, however nobody can stop you from repeating your garbage, can they?

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