‘Why Mislead Folks?’ Chris Wallace Presses Buttigieg on Jobs Claim

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is calling U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg out on misleading Americans about the number of jobs President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan would create.

Wallace noted Buttigieg previously claimed the “American Jobs Plan” would create 19 million jobs.

He pointed out the study by Moody’s Analytics shows the economy will add 16.3 million jobs without Biden’s bill and 2.7 million more with it.

“So it doesn’t … create 19 million jobs … Why mislead folks?” Wallace said.

Buttigieg replied, “You’re right, I should’ve been more precise. The 19 million jobs that will be created are more than the jobs that will be created if we don’t do the plan.”

Pushing back, Wallace said, “Two million more, not 19 million.”

Watch their comments below:

The transportation secretary explained, “Yeah exactly. It will create 2.7 million more jobs than if we don’t do it and that’s very important because there are people on this network and others, saying with a straight face, that this would somehow reduce the number of jobs.”

Buttigieg continued, “In fact, at least according to that Moody’s analysis, 2.7 million additional jobs if we pass this package, just further proof that it’s good for the economy and, taken as a whole, it’s going to add jobs compared to doing nothing.”

The Fox News host asked Buttigieg if he would agree the Biden administration “exaggerated” the numbers.

While explaining there were other analyses on the plan and how many jobs it would create, Wallace interrupted Buttigieg, “Secretary, you’re the one who cited Moody’s Analytics as 19 million, and it’s actually 2.7 million, which is a bunch, but it’s not what you said.”

Buttigieg responded, “It’s part of a scenario that Moody says will create 19 million jobs, but the bottom line is it’s going to add jobs and this is a direct refutation of people who are saying otherwise.

He added, “So yeah, you’re right, I should be very precise. The difference in jobs that that particular analysis suggests is 2.7 million more. That is a great place to be.”

The Washington Post granted Biden two “Pinocchios” earlier this month for claiming, “Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs — good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well.”

According to the Post, for two “Pinocchios,” “A politician can create a false, misleading impression by playing with words and using legalistic language that means little to ordinary people.”