Ketanji Brown Jackson Blasted After Making 'It's a Wonderful Life' Analogy: 'No Ability for Self-Thought'


Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is facing backlash from critics after making an analogy using the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Jackson made the comments while the court was discussing whether anti-discrimination laws in Colorado are in violation of the First Amendment by demanding that a website designer complete work for a same-sex couple.

Mapping out the scenario, Jackson explained, “I’m a photographer…I’m doing ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ scenes. That’s what I’m offering.”

She continued, “I want to do video depictions of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and knowing that movie very well I want to be authentic so only white children and families can be customers for that particular product.”

Listen to her comments below:

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Conservative critics took issue with her argument, with one Twitter user writing, “Ketanji Brown Jackson is the definition of a NPC. She just sits there and repeats this corporate media story from a few years ago that she got brainwashed with. No ability for self-thought, not even in a neo-Marxist way.”

According to The New York Times, a NPC is a “nonplayable character” or “nonplayer character.”

Do you understand the analogy?

The outlet explained, “It’s a term, borrowed from the world of video games, for a character that is controlled by the computer rather than by a player. An NPC often advances the game’s plot by saying scripted lines, or assisting the playable characters in some way.”

Another tweet joked, “Remember she was the MOST QUALIFIED EVER to sit on the bench.”

One user declared, “MAGIC Legal Theory.”

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Jackson made headlines in March during her confirmation hearing after being asked to define the word “woman,” as IJR previously reported.

“Can I provide a definition?” Jackson asked at the time.

She added, “I can’t.”

Jackson explained, “Not in this context I’m not a biologist.”

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