McEnany Predicts Biden Will 'Entirely Ignore Whatever Is Asked of Him' During Press Conference


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany believes President Joe Biden will likely dodge questions during his press conference.

She told Fox News on Thursday, “I think he’s prepared to just entirely ignore whatever is asked of him and to pivot.”

McEnany added, “Any person up there at the podium is familiar with what a pivot is.”

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Earlier this week, McEnany called on the media to ask Biden “really hard questions,” as IJR reported.

McEnany told Fox News’s Sean Hannity, “It is incredible what the Biden White House is able to get away with.”

When talking about the questions the media should ask of Biden, McEnany said, “And I’m not just saying, you know, ‘What are your thoughts on the border?’ That’s not a sufficient checking of the box question.”

She explained, “They need to ask him, ‘You say you blame this on Trump, explain to me specifically how this is Trump’s fault when, in fact, numbers came down when he took historic immigration action in 2019. And they’ve gone up, and they’re wearing Biden t-shirts, flying Biden flags.”

During Monday’s appearance on Fox News’s “The Faulkner Focus,” Trump argued the media protects Biden “totally,” and his press conference would only include “softballs” from the media.

He said there is no transparency from the Biden administration.

“I guess you’re supposed to have a press conference on Thursday … It’s ridiculous the questions that are asked. What did you have for dinner? What kind of ice cream do you have, as he walks out? They never talked to me that way. That’s OK,” Trump said.

The former president suggested the “way you get the press out is with press conferences.” Fox News noted Biden is the first president in a century to hold a solo press conference after more than 60 days.

“If that were me that hasn’t had a press conference for as long, with all the things going on, especially at the border, but really you have things as big as the border, we’re not going to be energy independent within three months,” Trump said.

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Major networks cut away from Trump’s press conference in November of 2020 after they accused him of making several false statements surrounding voter fraud following the presidential election.

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