New York Times Article Sparks Backlash for 'Scorchingly Stupid' Headline on Racism


The New York Times is in hot water after publishing a headline about racism.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins shared a screenshot of the original headline of the report, saying, “As Republican Campaigns Seize Crime, Racism Becomes a New Battlefront.”

The headline has since been changed to: “With Ads, Imagery and Words, Republicans Inject Race Into Campaigns.”

Collins tweeted the original headline with the comment, “A ‘new battlefront’? Am I losing my mind?”

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Other Twitter users also expressed their disapproval of the headline.

One user called the media “mind scorchingly stupid.”

Another user wrote, “J-schools need to make their programs like 50% history courses. This sh*t is embarrassing.”

Co-founder of Vox Media, Markos Moulitsas, tweeted, “Racism wasn’t a thing before, but now it is says [The New York Times].”

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Jonathan Weisman’s article in the Times accuses Republicans of deploying a “series of attack lines, terms and imagery that have injected race into contests across the country.”

Earlier this month, the Times noted Republicans in the House are fielding 67 Black, Latino, Asian or Native American candidates on the ballot for the upcoming midterm elections.

However, Chris Taylor, a spokesman for the House Democratic campaign arm, told the newspaper Republicans are “mistaken if they think finally engaging with communities of color in the year 2022 with flawed candidates” would separate their party from an “unpopular, extreme agenda.”

He continued, “While Republicans attempt to dilute the number of white supremacists within their ranks, their politics of dividing Americans and promoting hate remains.”

Politico’s forecast shows Republicans will likely take the House while the Senate remains a toss-up.

The outlet’s Steve Shepard suggested a few of the races voters should keep an eye on in the House include California’s 27th District, Ohio’s 1st District and Pennsylvania’s 7th District.

In terms of the Senate, Shepard said voters should pay attention to races including the Arizona Senate, Georgia Senate and Nevada Senate.

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